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Since the early 1900’s, US manufacturers have manufactured idlers with tapered roller bearings. The tapered roller bearing has at least 2.5 times greater load carrying capacity than a ball bearing of equal shaft diameter. Furthermore, when comparing similar sized tapered roller bearings to ball bearings under the same load, the bearing life of a tapered roller bearing is exponentially greater than a ball bearing.

Unfortunately, tapered roller bearings must be re-lubricated, regularly. In addition, tapered roller bearings have very little misalignment capability and must be de-rated when misalignment occurs, (Misalignment occurs during the manufacturing process, as well as the operational process due to shaft deflection.)

“Sealed for Life” ball bearings are exceptional alternatives to the tapered roller bearing as long as the ball bearing is correctly sized. The ball bearing advantage is it has greater misalignment capability and does not have to be re-lubricated.