Peer Chain

Category(ies): Material Handling, Power Transmission


Across the broad scope of American industry, precision chain products have always been a significant production factor. Supplying virtually every phase of these requirements has been the specialty of PEER Chain Company. As representatives of some of the largest and leading chain manufacturers the world over, PEER Chain Company is in the unique position of being able to offer the ultimate in service. We have developed the staff, know-how and systems operations to provide the finest quality precision chain products in accordance with the demands of production schedules.

In line with this fundamental capability, PEER maintains a completely computerized warehouse to assure service and delivery. Constant supervision is maintained in the areas of inventory and forecasting. Additionally, conveyorized material flow and automated packing enables same day delivery capabilities. In compliance with customer requirements, our engineering staff has been established to assist in the selection and design of the proper chain for your application. With this fundamental approach solidly developed in our organization, it is relatively simple to provide a “special dimension” facility…we will manufacture chain products to your special dimension requirements. Merely contact the PEER engineering department for assistance on your specific design project.